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Incase u were wondering I definitely have Jesse and Walter on my car keys


Cats Sitting Like Humans [x]

Previously: Cats Wearing Animal Hats

28 yo


28 - What was the last thing that made you laugh? oh my god okay so, it was my grandpa’s 90th bday today so like my whole family was over and i was hanging out in the guest room with my sister and my cousin’s bride to be’s daughter and we’re just hanging out and talking and my sister Elissa is laying on the bed and I’m sitting on the floor and in the middle of the conversation elissa rips a loud and proud gnarly fart and right after she farted she just immediately went limp like the fart had killed her and i was laying on the ground cracking up and i was like “elissa that was incredible” and she says with such sincerity in her heart “that was the best one that i had ever done. like i felt like i had really died.” and that was the last thing that made me laugh.